How to attach images to posts

(Open Viewing) A useful place to upload or link your photos and videos of the cars.
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How to attach images to posts

Post by RX-8 Owners Club » Sun Jun 08, 2014 2:52 am

How Club Members can attach pictures to their posts
This way is preferred particularly when used in guides of any sort, so that the pictures are preserved along with the rest of the forum.
Direct from your own device, provided the picture you intend to use is under 3mb, just follow these steps:
  1. Underneath the text box / reply window, there are a couple of tabs. One 'Options', the other 'Attachments'. Click the latter:
    2.png (807 Bytes) Viewed 1745 times
  2. Now click the 'Add Files' button, and navigate to the photo/s you want to attach in the pop up browse window.
    3.png (849 Bytes) Viewed 1745 times
  3. Or, you can simply 'Drag and drop' into the text area in the usual way most operating systems allow.
  4. The added file will now be displayed under the text box:
  5. To add your image at a particular point of your post, or under a certain line of text, use the 'Place Inline' button, next to each image file, which will then look like this in your post:
'Preview' your post to see it as it will appear to other members, and add more files using the Add Files button, or keep dragging and dropping.

Finally, 'Submit' your post as usual! :D

*Pictures are automatically resized for forum display, but just click on them to see them in their original format!

You can also link to photos on any website, or web services such as Photobucket.

To do so, use the image tags:-


For example:-

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