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So, consider this us letting the cat out of the bag!

Let me set the scene... A few months back, in the committee area of the forum was a post - one that simply said "55th Anniversary Event?" (those of you who have read the most recent committee meeting minutes may have spotted it there too...!)

Fast forward a few months on and we finally have some amazing news to share!

The RX-8 Owner's Club are partnering once again with the organisers of JDM Combe, but this time the event is going to be bigger, better and more Dorito-shaped than ever!

Now, whilst we can't reveal all the details yet (we're working on even MORE every day), please read on to find out a few tiny snippets of what we're planning for the big day!

55th Anniv Event 2 alt.jpg

What does this all mean, then?

Well. Firstly it means that we have reached out to Mazda UK about the festivities. Whilst we are still waiting to confirm details it looks like we should be having some amazing machinery in attendance from Mazda UK's Heritage Fleet. The plan is to organise a "Timeline Display" in conjunction with Mazda UK through a collection of owner and heritage fleet vehicles. This display will have custom printed information placards detailing not only the significance of the model to the Mazda Rotary History, but also detail the ownership history of the vehicle where available. Read on to find out about the exciting opportunity this presents to you ;)

The list will hopefully look like this:

Mazda Cosmo 110S
Mazda R100
Mazda RX-3
Mazda RX-4
Mazda Repu
Mazda RX-7 FB
Mazda RX-7 FC
Mazda Eunos Cosmo
Mazda RX-7 FD
Mazda RX-8 S1
Mazda RX-8 R3
Mazda MX-30 Rotary Range Extender Pre-Production Model

What this does present, to you, the members of the RX-8 Owner's Club, is an exciting opportunity!

The RX-8s on display will be from our very own club! Do you own either an RX-8 S1 or R3 in clean, standard condition? Do you want to see your car on a display stand with other iconic machines like the above?

Full details, as well as an area to submit your car for consideration can be found here: https://www.rx8ownersclub.co.uk/forum/v ... 24&t=84738

The more the merrier!

The committee are working hard to liaise with other rotary clubs in the UK, as well as reaching out to owners of special rotary machines dotted around the country. The list of clubs below are clubs that the OC have either reached out to or are reaching out to, but this list is ever changing and expanding (if you know of a club that may be interested in attending alongside the OC then please PM Dr. FrankenRex who will work to get them involved!).

RX-8 Familia
Mazda Rotary Club
Mazda Society UK
Mazda UK

The aim is for all rotary-focussed clubs to be positioned together, rather than dispersed, but each club will be able to retain their own branding

But wait! There's more!

Art Comp Banner.jpg

We're trying something new and exciting to celebrate all things rotary! Are you a fabricator? A painter? An airbrush whizz? A Photoshop aficionado? A 3D modelling professor? A decal designer?

Well if so, this is for you! The outline of the plan is that we'd absolutely LOVE to bring out the creative side of owners far and wide. This isn't limited to paid up members and is open to anyone who wants to celebrate the wonders of the Reuleaux Triangle in an artistic way.

Depending on the number of entries the majority of them will hopefully be on display at the event, with the potential for guest judges from various rotary clubs being invited to cast their votes across each of the categories with prizes available for the class winners and maybe more!

Full information can be found in the thread here: https://www.rx8ownersclub.co.uk/forum/v ... =6&t=84737

Exclusive Track Sessions

This is something we are working to confirm with JDM Combe, but in the past we have had a pair of exclusive, RX-8 OC only, track sessions which are dedicated to you, the members. This would be a great opportunity to witness or participate in the spectacle of a large number of RX-8s (and other member-owned vehicles) zipping around at track-session speeds!


This one is still a bit of a hope than confirmed at this stage, but what we are working on with JDM Combe is a rotary-only celebration parade lap with commentary. What this means is that every member of the OC, as well as other rotary attendees who are part of the 55th anniversary event, will get the opportunity to drive the legendary circuit that is Castle Combe at a more sedate pace, giving all the attendees a fantastic opportunity to see the beauty of Mazda's Rotary back-catalogue.

How this is organised, when it is during the day etc. is TBC, but of course we will update all of you lovely people on this thread when we have more info available!

Anything else?!

We are working really really hard in the background to have more exciting things available for everyone in attendance, this ranges from RX-8 Owner's Club merchandise being on sale, new event-specific merch for you all, decals to commemorate the event and even trader stands on the club premises.

None of those last bits are confirmed, but we are all working crazy hard to get as much in place as possible

Register your attendance on the OC stand!

Last, but about as far from 'least' as possible! If you are planning on attending then please either follow this link (https://www.rx8ownersclub.co.uk/forum/v ... 01&t=84742) or head on over to the events section of the website to find all the info and to register/ register for track time etc.!
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