I've joined/renewed with the Club, what now?

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I've joined/renewed with the Club, what now?

Post by RX-8 Owners Club » Mon Aug 08, 2016 6:18 pm

The Membership & Renewals process
And how to receive assistance with any issues you may have.

After you have completed your application
You'll know that your online membership access has been received, and Member status applied when you receive an email to confirm. You should also see that the forum displays a Club Member title under your name.
You can also test this by clicking this link to the Members only benefits forum.

If you're having trouble getting access to the forum after you've applied for membership or renewed, please see this thread.

Welcome & Renewal Packs
As part of your membership you will receive a Welcome/Renewal pack. Packs are produced in batches once a month.

Your pack will be in the batch produced the following calendar month to the one you joined or renewed in.
It works the same way for both welcome & renewal packs.

Reminders for renewal will be given the month before your membership is due to lapse, by forum announcement and email. Keep an eye out for them!

Please note;
The day you join the Club may not be the same as the day you registered on the forum, the latter is displayed in your user info with your avatar etc.

Welcome pack includes:
  • Club Keyring
  • Club Sticker
  • Membership Card
  • When available, a copy of Club magazine 'The Spin'
Renewal Pack includes:
  • £5 Gift voucher for the Club shop. Great to use for items, but also events!
  • Your new expiry date
  • Confirmation of your membership number and original join date.
You should be able to start using shop and trader discounts once you have your full forum access.
If you are waiting on your membership pack, please allow up to a month to receive before contacting the Club.

Should you have any queries regarding your membership, or believe your pack is overdue, please PM the Membership Secretary, or post in this thread and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you need to contact any of the Club volunteers, or would like to know who can help you with any issues, please follow this link.

Thank you,

The Committee
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