Height adjustable passenger seat

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Height adjustable passenger seat

Post by RichardK » Fri Jul 21, 2006 7:35 pm

Basically, take the base from a US-spec driver's seat (ideally, don't strip it fully), and move the wiring, back and cushion over. Routing the wires is easy as long as you remember where they are, and it all bolts right in.

Result is a vast improvement in passenger comfort for shorter people. The tilting seat back remains the same as the original; it doesn't have a rotary control but a quick-release latch. It may be that if dismantled too far the latch doesn't sit quite right - mine looks low to me - but it does all work.

Standard seat rails are pressed & drilled to take the height mechanism, but swapping it over would be awkward.

A US-spec seat probably won't bolt right in without messing with the wiring; it has an additional sensor for seat position (looks like a magnetic sensor) and associated wires.

Mazda, PLEASE put height adjustable passenger seats in this car!
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