Dealing with rust

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Dealing with rust

Post by warpc0il » Sat Sep 28, 2019 11:06 am

Tin worm is becoming more of a concern for the lifespan of the RX-8 than anything else.

It's much cheaper to rebuild an engine than to deal with rust damage that's gone too far.

Many cars can appear to be perfect, or just have the odd paint blister, when you walk around them, only to be totally rotten underneath.

There are repair panel available for wheel arches and sill, though the aftermarket quality can be variable.

Front wings are bolted on, so can be replaced with good used, as can front doors and boot lids.

The bonnet and rear doors are aluminium alloy.

Front and rear subframes can been replace but this then raised the issues with seized suspension bolts.

If you find surface rust underneath but it appears to be structurally sound, or you're replacing a wing or subframe with good used, then treat the exterior surfaces with Vactan, and consider a wax-based cavity and surface protection coating.

More details on Vactan, including supply with discount, here
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