What is an "OMP delete"?

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What is an "OMP delete"?

Post by warpc0il » Thu Feb 07, 2019 3:03 pm

It means deleting (removing) the oil Metering Pump and relying totally on a strong premix ratio to lubricate the rotors.

It was a necessary evil on some RX7 "big turbo" conversions as they had no way to balance the pressure/vacuum within the intake, such that the OMP oil injectors could cope.

However, it means that the fuel must include sufficient lubricant (e.g. 2-stroke oil) to cope with maximum power and load, so there's too much oil when cruising, and still (potentially) not enough at idle.

Because "OMP delete" is associated with these power conversions, some people *think* that deleting the OMP will somehow make the engine produce more power :roll:

On the Renesis, the OMP control is managed by the PCM and is much more sophisticated than the RX7 setup.
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