What can you find here?

Read the Frequently Asked Questions that have been accumulated over time.
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What can you find here?

Post by warpc0il » Mon Jun 11, 2012 12:53 am

This section contains the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions that are asked on the forum, especially by new posters but also by members that have encountered a problem for the first time.

It is recommended that you browse this section before asking a question as your answer may be here and if not, you can structure your question as a request for more detail.

Also, before posting a question, take time to check your Owner's Manual. The RX-8 manual is well written and contains a wealth of information, yet people still forget to look at it. Again, if you've looked in the manual and are still confused then feel free to post a "The manual says... but.." question.

If for any reason your car didn't come with the manual, these are often listed on eBay.

Note that, while this section is open to all, the club also has an FAQ - Technical which, for reasons of security and/or copyright is restricted to members only.

The FAQ - Technical is a rich resource containing a wide variety of detailed articles written by members plus:

- The Electronic Parts Catalogue showing every part of the car with names, numbers and diagrams showing how they fit together.

- CBT in Engine Management system, follow this on-line training course to learn how Mazda engine management systems work and what each of the components does.

- Interactive Service Materials including Workshop Manual, Technical Guide, Bodyshop Manual, Troubleshooting, and Technical Data, with additional dedicated sections on engine and transmissions.

- Multimedia Training material including the history of Mazda rotary engines, rotary engine principles and the Renesis engine in detail. Presentation includes interactive screens showing how systems work; e.g. you can click on the rev counter and see which intake control valves open and more power is released.

Even if the promise of club discounts from trusted suppliers, club organised events and the social scene aren't enough to justify your club membership, don't forget that the Technical - FAQ could save you the fee many times over.
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