Mechanical Changes On RX-8 Series I to II (R3)

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Mechanical Changes On RX-8 Series I to II (R3)

Post by ASH8 » Fri Jan 30, 2009 12:09 pm

Hi all, since I last posted I finally bought my New RX-8 Series November 08.

I also have the lasted Mazda EPC Parts Catalog and have done a comprehensive list with Parts Pictures/Numbers of the Mechanical changes between the two Models (or Series RX-8's).

The changes are very substantial with all of the bug fixed..we trust..

Here is the link to the US site and my thread... my car is my Avatar.



New Powertrain Control Module (PCM)
New Larger Genuine Oil Filter and Repositioned On Front Rotor Housing To-wards The Sump (Left Hand Side).
Revised Oil Filler and Dip Stick (Longer Type).
New EMOP "Electric Metering Oil Pumps" Two of them. (Used for the first time by Mazda)
One Additional Oil Injection Nozzle per Rotor Housing..Totalling 6.
New Oil Pump Assembly.
New Oil Pressure Sensor (Located on #1 EMOP).
Larger Oil Sump Capacity.
New Hex (8mm) Type Sump Drain Plug.
Internal Sump Pan Magnet (last used in the 89 FC RX-7)
New External Silver Plate Engine Sump Guard.
Revised 4 Fuel Injection Nozzles (2 Primary, 2 Secondary). (Series I six Port Engine had 6 FI Nozzles).
Revised Atmospheric Air Control Solenoid (Near Throttle Body)
New Fuel Pump.
New Radiator Electric Fan Motors.
New Alternator.
New Starter Motor.
New Exhaust System.
New Bridgestone RE050A's in 18" and 19" (R3).
New Manual Transmission (6 speed MX-5/Miata) (Reverse is now next to 1st gear not next to 6th gear).
New Differential Ratio (Manual).
Changed Throw Out Bearing (Thrust or Fork Bearing).
Larger Oil Coolers and Intakes.
Knock Sensors (now 1 per Rotor).
New Water Pump/ New Timing Cover to suit.
New Water Pump Pulley.
New Spark Plug Leads.
New Alternator/Air Compressor Drive Belts.
Revised Eccentric Shaft (Crankshaft) Pulley.
Revised Oxygen Sensor (CAT).
Revised Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor (Exhaust Manifold).
New Air Pump Control Unit.
New One Piece Trans Tunnel Heat Shield (Previously Two Piece).
New Under Body Covers Reducing C Drag from 0.31 to now 0.30.
Larger Fuel Tank (5 litres extra or around a gallon).
New Rear Suspension Control Links (Rods) Upper/Lower and Trailing have Lengthened.
New Rear Stabilizer Bar.
New Front Upper And Front Lower Suspension Arms (Wishbone).
New Front Steering Knuckles And Wheel Hubs.
New 3 Piece (Instead of 2) Strut Tower Brace (Manual Only), Auto's Retains Two Piece Tower Brace.
Revised Rear Wheel Arch Splash Guards/Shields.
Thicker (Heavier Guage) Steel On The Two Front Strut Towers.
Additional Spot Weldings Around Both Door Openings For Increased Rigidity.
Auto's and Manual's both have 6 port engines, max RPM has been limited to 7500 for Auto compared to 8200 RPM for the manual.
2009 Mazda RX-8 Series II, Luxury Version of the R3.

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Re: Mechanical Changes On RX-8 Series I to II

Post by HypoThermia » Sun Nov 01, 2009 9:31 am

Ash - many thanks for compiling the information and additional links/documents that Sean has brought across. There's a lot of information to digest there (and too much to go through in one sitting :lol:), however one thing has already jumped out: the RE7C-L is now the standard leading plug with the RE6C-L being recommended as the hot plug.

Just from a quick look under the car I've also noticed that the exposed parts are now passivated (looks like the same black coating as the oil cooler pipes replacement) or covered in some waxoyl type substance. Following a 59 plate Mazda 2 the other day I noticed the same treatment on what I could see of the rear suspension.


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Re: Mechanical Changes On RX-8 Series I to II (R3)

Post by warpc0il » Tue Oct 16, 2018 10:30 pm

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