40th Anniversary & Kuro build numbers.

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40th Anniversary & Kuro build numbers.

Post by Delanor »

The 40th Anniversary & Kuro special editions were the only RX-8`s to include a build number which consisted of numbered plates fitted to the sill trims, in my case my 40th Anniversary car did not have the plates fitted to the sill trims I queried this with the dealer who knew nothing of them and I left them to chase up where they were with Mazda UK then a couple of days later I found the plates in the glove box so either they were shipped with the car from Japan or were included on import with the car by Mazda UK for the dealer to fit.

Anyway if you own either of these cars and haven`t got the build number plate it is not easy to find which one you have as I have the 40th Anniversary build numbers (thanks Graham) which are aligned to VIN`s and you would think if you knew the build number and VIN of one car you could work out the build number of your own car using your own VIn number.

It doesn`t work like that though as the 40th cars were given consecutive build numbers 1-400 but the VIN`s are not consecutive and are in differing blocks eg.

001 - 12345 -- 5 cars eg consecutive VIN.
002 - 12346
003 - 12347
004 - 12348
005 - 12349

VIN jumps to:
006 - 12361 - 4 cars consecutive VIN.
007 - 12362
008 - 12363
009 - 12364

VIN jumps to:
010 - 12378 - 8 cars consecutive VIN.
011 - 12379
012 - 12380
013 - 12381

Then its 5 off then 7 off etc etc.

So as you can see knowing another cars build number and VIN doesn`t help to work out your own missing build number and I would assume the 500 numbered Kuro cars would be the same.

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