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One for the 4 port/192 owners

Posted: Sat Oct 17, 2020 6:54 pm
by Ryan Rotary Performance
A copy and paste from our facebook page:

"A Previous customer has been on the dyno at Rotary Revs after some work by RRP. This car is a 192 4 Port and came to us a bit poorly for a Street-Port and a full bespoke map.

Stock 4 Port cars usually make around the 155-160WHP on the Revs dyno, this car made 186WHP!! 👀 This equates to roughly 216BHP so a significant increase over stock and probably a better drive than most 6 port variants due to the midrange punch.

Now whom says Porting and Mapping does nothing on a Rotary?"
Screenshot_20201017-141212_Samsung Internet.jpg
Screenshot_20201017-141236_Samsung Internet.jpg