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Ryan Rotary Performance Engine Rebuilds

Post by Ryan Rotary Performance » Sun Sep 03, 2017 9:04 pm

So it seems that its not that well advertised that we do engine rebuilds so thought I would start a thread here to detail what we do and a place to ask all your questions on our service.

All engines come with a 12 Month 24,000 mile warranty as standard and the work is carried out in our Rugby Workshop.

So we now offer 5 packages: (but you can personalise to what you want)

1. The Standard Plus
2. Extended Street Port
3. Extended Street Port Half Bridge
4. Extended Street Port Full Bridge
5. Ryan Rotary Performance Ultimate Edition

The Stand Plus £2200

None our engines are now "standard" rebuilds and all come with some sort of porting (although you can choose no porting :-k )
The standard plus comes with the primaries on the middle plate enlarged to a street port size to help with low down power compared to a standard engine.

As standard items replaced are:

6 x OEM Apex Seals
12 x OEM Apex Springs
12 x OEM Sideseals
12 x OEM Sideseal Springs
12 x Two Piece OEM Corner Seals
12 x OEM Corner Springs
12 x Rotor Inner, Outer, Scrapper Springs
2 x OEM Needle bearings
1 X Pilot Bearing
2 X OEM Stationary Bearings
2 X Bearing Retaining Screws
2 X OEM Rotor Bearings
All necessary seals and gaskets will be replaced (full OEM gasket and seal kit)

Extended Street Port £2450

On this package all the inlets are enlarged as well as the exhaust ports, its called an extended street port because this is more aggressive than the well known Racing Beat street port resulting in a more powerful engine. This option is really well worth the £250 premium over the standard build.

Parts replaced are the same as the standard plus.

Extended Street Port Half Bridge £2600

Over and above the Extended Street port the Auxiliary ports are bridged giving you more top end power.

Upgrades as standard:

Goopy Apex Seals
Upgraded Oil Pressure regulator

Extended Street Port Full Bridge £2800

As the name suggests all the inlets on this engine are bridged not only giving you more power but that "brapping" sound most rotary owners long for. This engine gives roughy 210whp with a few supporting modifications.

Upgrades are as per the half bridge package.

Ryan Rotary Performance Ultimate Package £TBA

This engine is as per Full bridge port but with the following extras over and above the Full Bridge.

Lower Intake Porting
Engine Painting - Two Colours
Refurbished Rotor Housings
Lapped and Re-Nitrided Irons
Ryan Rotary Performance ECU Base Map.

Basically this is the closest you'll get to a "new" engine the way Mazda should have made it. Prices will be roughly £3.8k but we will confirm soon.

Thanks for looking and please leave any Q's below :thumright:

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