The cost of painting an RX-8

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The cost of painting an RX-8

Post by jrmurray1108 » Fri Oct 14, 2016 7:16 pm

Hi all,

We have had quite a few messages asking us about paint prices following our intro thread and a few other posts. One of our objectives from the outset was a simplified pricing structure so it makes sense to post indicative prices here.

These are prices for OC members and 8 owners so only applicable to RX-8's. As we have done a fair few now we have a good steer :)

So here it is

Cost of full respray is all down to what you want the paint to do for you and the quality of the finish but I'll try to give you all an idea based on previous and current jobs and our base prices.

A standard outside only respray not including shuts and sills is around £1500 - £2000, this includes minor dent and panel repairs and surface rust treatment. Ideal for cost saving on same colour resprays.

A full respray including full strip down and all shuts and sills is around £2500-£3000, so for a colour change this would be recommended

This is for strip, primer, any colour standard/metallic/pearl basecoat and an MS/OEM clear coat. We can make any paint a bit special by playing with the metallic and pearl content and this is included in the price. On the OEM Mazda colours this is really effective die to the already high metallic content

We don't do 'blow overs' as such. We treat both outside and full resprays in exactly the same manner.

We also have 4 levels of clear coat (lacquer)
Standard/OEM or VOC (hard wearing) is included
Liquid glass which has more clarity and a flatter finish £400
2 stage liquid glass for depth and wet look for shows etc £650

Beyond this is customisation but this is difficult to price as there are so many options. Adding a paste pearl over the base coat will give different tones in different lights, this is £500 extra. An FX fine flake will give an incredible shimmer and more tones, again an extra £500 or both combined £800. The FX we use in itself is really special on its own.

Then there is candy paint and full flakes which are another level, we use true candy (not candy base coats) which is a translucent paint applied over a heavy metallic base of any colour. The colour of the base affects the colour of the candy finish. A full candy respray would be anywhere from £4500, flakes from £5000. If you do have a candy or flake paint job you will be the only person with that paint colour. Once we have painted a custom car we block the colour to make it exclusive to your car.

Here are some recent RX8 jobs to give you an idea...

Full paint strip, derust underside and treat, de-rust body and repair and outside respray in OEM colour with heavy metallic and extra pearls £2300

Fit body kit including both bumpers and sideskirts, outside respray in OEM colour with extra pearl content £1900

Supply and fit full wide arch kamikaze bodykit, supply and fit staggered 20inch axe rims and premium tyres. Complete colour change from yellow to Candy Manderin orange over a gold base. Carbon skin roof and front bumper centre line £7200

Full respray and colour change from black to baby blue £3350

We recently did a job for a member which required extensive repair to both sills, stuff like this is always quoted on an individual basis dependant upon time and materials required to carry out the repair. There is a thread already in this for anybody interested.

Hope that helps give you an idea cost and options wise, any questions you can always gimme a shout and if you want to visit to see us in action you are welcome any time.



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Re: The cost of painting an RX-8

Post by kopite72 » Fri Oct 14, 2016 9:32 pm

This is awesome!! Makes me want to hop on a ferry and have you guys do your thang.Loving all the extra options you guys offer and as I've said before when im ready to pull the trigger on a respray I won't be going anywhere else,great stuff guys :thumright:

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Re: The cost of painting an RX-8

Post by Rotary Potato » Fri Oct 14, 2016 9:58 pm

I love the openness of this and wish more businesses had the confidence in their product & pricing to do the same.

Thanks very much guys.

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Re: The cost of painting an RX-8

Post by Wozza » Sat Oct 15, 2016 6:59 am

:whathesaid: :thumright:
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Re: The cost of painting an RX-8

Post by MadTaz » Sat Oct 15, 2016 10:15 am

Your on my list should ever I need anything buddy!

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