How to attach images to posts

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How to attach images to posts

Post by RX-8 Owners Club » Sun Jun 08, 2014 2:52 am

How to attach photos to your posts - Club Members
This way is preferred particularly when used in guides of any sort, so that the pictures are preserved along with the rest of the forum.
Direct from your own device, provided the picture you intend to use is under 3mb, just follow these steps:
  1. Underneath the text box / reply window, there are a couple of tabs. One 'Options', the other 'Attachments'. Click the latter:
    2.png (807 Bytes) Viewed 3051 times
  2. Now click the 'Add Files' button, and navigate to the photo/s you want to attach in the pop up browse window.
    3.png (849 Bytes) Viewed 3051 times
  3. Or, you can simply 'Drag and drop' into the text area in the usual way most operating systems allow.
  4. Attached files will by default be displayed at the end of a post. The added file/s are displayed under the text box:
  5. To add your image at a particular point of your post, or under a certain line of text, use the 'Place Inline' button, next to each image file, which will then look like this in your post:
'Preview' your post to see it as it will appear to other members, and add more files using the Add Files button, or keep dragging and dropping.

Finally, 'Submit' your post as usual! :D

*Pictures are automatically resized for forum display, but just click on them to see them in their original format!

How to attach photos to your posts - Non-members
If you're not a Club member, or you prefer to use a third party image host, you can also link to photos from there or straight from a website.

To do so, use the image tags, for example:-

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How to embed Google Photos on the Forum
You need a direct link to the image for it to be shown in a post.

Using the following steps to get a direct link.
It may stop working in future, as this procedure isn't documented by Google.
  1. Find the image you want a direct link for on Google Photos.
  2. Click the image so it opens in a 'full page' style.
  3. Right-click the image and choose:
    in Chrome: 'Copy image URL'
    in Internet Explorer: 'Copy'
    in Firefox: 'Copy image location'
  4. Paste the link into your post, and wrap with the Image tags.
You can also fiddle with the displayed dimensions, they're at the end of the link, just change the resolution to suit.
See here for more detail on what you can do with the resolution.
(The example uses 's' which just tells it to resize the largest side to the given number)

For example:

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Re: How to attach images to posts

Post by warpc0il » Fri Jun 30, 2017 12:24 am

Tips for Windows Users:

Drag and Drop can be a bit awkward on a busy desktop, so here's another way to select the file you want, especially if you already have the folder open, without having to navigate the [Add files] back to the same location.

Right click on the file (picture) that you want to attach, while holding the Shift key, this will give you the option to Copy as Path.
Selecting this will copy the full file path/name to the clipboard.

You can now click the [Add files] button on the forum and paste in the box, regardless of what folder it has defaulted to display, and it will add your file.

Better yet, if you want to add multiple pictures from the same folder, click the [Add files] button again and it will now default to the same folder that you chose, so you can directly select those additional pictures.
The easiest way to capture a screenshot is to hold down the Windows key and press the Prt Scrn key on your keyboard.

The result will be a .png file appearing in the This PC/Pictures/Screenshots folder.
The folder will be automatically created the first time you do this and the files will be given sequential file names, e.g. Screenshot(nn).png
In Windows 10, .png files default to open in Windows Photos, which includes a very simple editor.
Click Edit for a toolbar, to use the Crop box to select the area of the image that you want to share.
Tell it when you're done.

.png files can be posted on the forum just the same as .jpg, so there's no need to convert.
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