How to link to webpages and other forum threads/posts

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How to link to webpages and other forum threads/posts

Post by RX-8 Owners Club » Fri Jan 28, 2011 5:47 pm

There's a couple of ways to link to external websites or other threads/posts in the forum.

The first and easiest way is to just type or paste the website address into your post and the forum will do the rest for you, including highlighting it in blue and shortening the web address where required.
When the link is clicked, it will then open that webpage or forum thread in the manner they choose, or as they've setup in their browser. (See below)
For example:

Alternatively, you can wrap the web address with your chosen text when added to the first [ url ] tag.

As demonstrated: your chosen link text Which looks like this in your post editor:

Code: Select all

[url=]your chosen link text[/url]
If you're not sure if what you have done will work, then press the preview button before submitting a new post and have a look.

:idea: Also another tip if you want to open a link in a new tab/window right click on it and select "Open in New Tab", "Open in New Window" or you can press your middle mouse button (mouse wheel) to automatically open the link in a new tab.
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Re: How to link to webpages and other forum threads/posts

Post by warpc0il » Thu Jul 06, 2017 4:26 pm

Advanced Linking to specific posts within threads

If you want to link to a thread on this forum you can just paste the url, with or without tags, as above and this will take people to the top of that thread.

However, you might want to link to a specific post within the thread, perhaps many pages from the beginning.

The trick here is to add &start=nn to the end of the url, which will take people to the nth post in that thread.

e.g. ... =2&t=35973
is the top of this thread but

Code: Select all ... 73&start=1
means that they start reading from this post onwards.

Why 1, when this is the second post?
Either because it's the first reply or because computers count from zero.

In long threads it can be a bit awkward to count the posts so I tend to make an educated guess and then test using [Preview] and adjust up/down as necessary.

Another nice trick is to add the hilit to highlight specific words in the post you are linking too.

Code: Select all ... ific+words
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