A-Plan Insurance... we're going to look a bit different

A-Plan Insurance Specialist Vehicle is not like your standard A-Plan Branch, we focus on High Performance, Modified, Track Days and everything weird and wonderful! With bespoke club schemes and discounts with various insurers we will aim to find you a competitive price for the specialist cover you need.

It must be the Specialist Vehicle Centre to receive the benefit of the club relation – contact us on 01635 874646 and mention RX-8 Owners Club. Alternatively you can contact Carlie directly on the forum or on Facebook www.facebook.com/AplanCarlie

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Howden Specialist Vehicle
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A-Plan Insurance... we're going to look a bit different

Post by Howden Specialist Vehicle »

Nothing really changes for you but just a heads up!

A-Plan have been part of Howden Broking Group for 2 years already, no one noticed because nothing changed. On October 1st we join their brand and say goodbye to the big red A and say hello to HOWDEN as we become one. That's it! The only change! So the name and logo's will change on the forum and on your paperwork but rest assured it's the same great people and the same great service... I'm just getting a new shirt

If any of you are down South, Berkshire way, please feel free to join us at our car meet on Sunday 8th October, 8am-1pm, at Podium Place, Bone Lane, Newbury where we will be bringing together many clubs we work with to have a brand change celebration, drink good coffee and talk cars, a real range of cars! Hopefully will be joined by MK Sportscars with their new demo car too.

Any questions, give me a shout.

p.s no we don't do kitchens, that's Howdens with an "s"

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warpc0il (Tue Nov 28, 2023 9:43 pm)
Carlie Norwell CII
Howden Insurance - Specialist Vehicle
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You can also find us on Facebook!
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Re: A-Plan Insurance... we're going to look a bit different

Post by ChrisHolmes »

Hope to see you and the team there Carlie
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