Important information for Events

Car shows and events run by other organisations (e.g. JDM Combe, Beaulieu, Go Japan, etc.)
Post up your interest in attending and if numbers are sufficient the Club will aim to organise a stand.
(For more information, please contact the Events Coordinator or someone from the Events Team).
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Important information for Events

Post by DrewR3 »

Good afternoon All,

Following a few recent conversations on the forum, I thought I would just compose a little message for all to give better understanding of Club ethos and tradition, for clarification or new information for members.

Firstly, the club is all about our members and enjoying time together. We normally spend a large part of any event discussing the rx8 or various things with it, however you do not need to be in an 8 to partake. This goes for any social meet, club function or national event. Many of us have multiple cars, project 8s, track only cars or do not run their 8 all year round. Of course others have moved on in car choice aswell, yet remain active members. So for clarification, any member or guest may attend an event in another vehicle (pending event regulations I.e jdm combe etc which require you in a Japanese vehicle, yet this need not be an 8 ). We frequently have members In other vehicles, including myself who ran an FN2 between 8s and still utilised the club only exclusive track time etc at events in that time period. Given that the social meets and pub meets etc are usually an indoor gathering of people, again these make little difference to which vehicle you attend in. Please feel free to come to gatherings in a vehicle which suits. I know it may seem strange to some to attend a first meet or gathering not in an 8, or also be looking for a gathering of 8s on arrival, but this is often not the case any more. Though usually at least 1 is in attendance as a marker of where/who to speak to. Also committee members will soon have uniform/RX8OC emblazoned apparel to highlight who they are. Newcomers please look out for these and any of the CM will be happy to assist and introduce you to people.

Secondly, non paid members on club stand at events. Again, this is also possible. As many know a key perk to our membership is the complimentary facilities provided by the club from membership fees. I.e Shelter, teas, bacon's, cold drinks etc which massively reduce expenditure for our members at events. If a non member wishes to join us, then that is fine however for use of these facilities we request a small contribution of £5 per person per event and please contact the EC or Committee prior. This can be paid on the day to a committee or events team member (preferably Ian M or the EC) or your details taken by a team member to pay at a later date. This option is also open to passengers of members etc who may not be a partner member. However, I would expect the ethos of the club that people not abuse this perk option and think of it as a way to cheapen their fees by using it to subverse the membership scheme by attending in an 8 to a show or 2 a year for £5 while remaining a guest member. This is something I will keep an eye on, and an active ex member is already on my radar for it. Don't be the one to ruin it for others, as I will take the option of the table if so. Of course, excluding the bit above we welcome everyone along to the shows and a quick message to the EC will allow you to receive a stand booking code and reminder of the above. The only exception to this is the AGM, where I am afraid only Paid full members may attend and be present in the discussions.

Thirdly, Private events. Some events are advertised via the club but take place on a members personal property etc. In these events, they are clearly marked and usually have number caps etc placed on them because of the venue. Generally, those who advertise these are willing to accept non members or 8s etc, however as these are private then the organiser retains the rights to restrict numbers, persons or vehicles on their property or event. All this should be placed within the write up and advertisement.

I hope this helps clear up any confusion for existing membership, while putting at ease new members to what they may attend events in etc. The general rule is that the club is about like minded individuals, enjoying time together and discussing at some point the RX8. This often does not need you to be in your 8, though of course it is encouraged. Either way, please come along, bring what you can, join as a member and enjoy some great times and events with us.

Thank you.
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Re: Important information for Events

Post by warpc0il »

At social events we actively encourage prospective owners to come along, see the cars and chat about the ownership experience.

Obviously, these guests are very unlikely to arrive in an 8, though they might get an opportunity to have a ride in one ;)
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Re: Important information for Events

Post by Metelyk »

I’ve owned two RX8’s over the years, but after my last one was sold, not finding another of the standard I wanted, I’ce subsequently switched cars a few times. My MX5 and Subaru WRX STI have both rocked up to shows, and everyone has been fine about it. The Club is about the love of RX8s whether you own one or not.
I maintain my love of the RX8 and it’s the only car I’ve ever bought twice. Even now I’m not sure I’ve yet done with owning them. They are an itch you can’t scratch!!
Long live the RX8 and this Club.
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Re: Important information for Events

Post by Krameht »

Like I said in the missing post

Because of severe social anxiety and panic disorder I myself have to show up in the Rx for my own credibility when approaching a group of strangers (whomst hopefully have some Oc brand recognition or an Rx) 😅
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Re: Important information for Events

Post by goodeggbob »

Well done for flying the flag, but as you have made clear, that is your choice, and yes, we do all also hold the rx8 at heart, even though some no longer own one.
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Rob :thumright:
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Re: Important information for Events

Post by Conan »

Krameht wrote:
Wed Dec 20, 2023 8:27 pm
Like I said in the missing post

Because of severe social anxiety and panic disorder I myself have to show up in the Rx for my own credibility when approaching a group of strangers (whomst hopefully have some Oc brand recognition or an Rx) 😅
I have a jacket with Mazda RX-8 plastered all over it so you may recognise me ;)
I do have an RX-8 as well
Although someone always records me as turning up in a colt instead of a RX-8 even at the agm :roll:
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