Tragic death of a motorsport marshal

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Tragic death of a motorsport marshal

Post by casey »

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed an orange stripe has appeared at the head of the forum pages. This is a tribute to the "orange army" of motorsport marshals who volunteer their time to enable motorsport to take place around the world.

Tragically, a marshal, Rob Foote, was killed in a motorsport incident at Brands Hatch on Saturday, 31 July.

In fact, both Clive Haynsford and Jonny MacGregor (of MacG Racing) were competing at that Brands Hatch race meeting with their RX-8's, although neither were on track at the time the incident occurred.

A BBC report of the incident can be found here:

A collection has been organised to help the family of Rob: ... =dzB6rMYVq

A number of club members rely on these volunteers to allow them to take their RX-8's on track, either at trackdays or racing events. This tragic death is a reminder of the ever present dangers of motorsport, despite all the safety measures that have been implemented. If you watch any motorsport, whether live on on TV, it couldn't happen without these volunteers. I was so saddened to hear of this loss and the impact it will have on his family that I have made a contribution.

RIP Rob Foote
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Re: Tragic death of a motorsport marshal

Post by kopite72 »

That's terrible, I saw something about it on Saturday but it was only a very brief mention, literally two sentences but the story was breaking at the time so that was understandable, RIP

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Re: Tragic death of a motorsport marshal

Post by SeanP »

Very saddened to hear of this incident as well, and a stark reminder that those signs "Motorsport is Dangerous" are there for a reason. :(

Motorsport at ALL levels - from grass-roots Autosolos (where competitors take turns driving and marshalling) to National amateur and full on professional (F1, Superbikes etc.) in the UK and I'm sure most other countries - would not be possible without this "army" of committed volunteers!

Yes - that's right - they're/we're not paid a penny for the commitment to the safety of the motorsport; and motorsport would NOT happen (or be affordable) without them!

Please do not forget that when spectating live events or if you're ever "reprimanded" for trying to attempt to "stretch over" the barriers / fences etc. for a slightly better view / photograph!

Also as a Marshal your job is to Marshal - not to:
1) Chat and distract other marshals or members of the public.
2) "Be a Photographer" i.e. Take photos/videos of your son whilst he's competing.
I had to call on a recent (Driver/) "Marshal" at a Brooklands Autosolo event for both of the above!
Yes - he was reported to the clerk of the course (actually originally "in jest" which quickly turned to a serious safety concern) - and he was reprimanded and asked to apologise for and correct his actions or disqualify himself AND his son from the results! Actually it turned out they developed overheating issues, so withdrew anyway; so in a way justice was served.

Not only do the marshals make the events safe - they allow us to have some FUN too - AT the right moments (here Joseph is marshalling, I am resting): ... Y0V2c3MzF3
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Re: Tragic death of a motorsport marshal

Post by ChrisHolmes »

I was chatting to someone the other day regarding poor marshalling standards at track days and he said that the marshalls at track days are paid and very often are not from the same orange army that we all appreciate so much.
Does anyone know if this is the case, if so it goes a long way to explaining the poor use of flags, especially the rare blue one, at track days.
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Re: Tragic death of a motorsport marshal

Post by Conan »

What’s the blue flag for anyway ?
Track day marshals probably are paid, track days are often during the week and I don’t think anyone would expect marshals to take a day off work unpaid would they ? All marshal posts are not necessarily manned at trackdays.
Motorsport marshals at proper racing events at weekends are different, unpaid and do a fantastic job, we simply couldn’t race without them and I would thank them every time I was on the podium.
My thoughts are with the marshals family, very sad news.
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Re: Tragic death of a motorsport marshal

Post by New Duke »

Marshalls working for TDOs are indeed paid Chris.

Very sad when anyone dies in an accident and thoughts go out to their family.
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