Japfest 2020 at Donington Park Sat 18th July

Car shows and events that are run by other organisations (e.g. Japfest, Rotorstock, Japfest 2, Beaulieu, Trax, etc.), that Club members are interested in attending. The Club may need to organise a stand etc. (please contact the Events Coordinator or someone from the Events Team).
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Japfest 2020 at Donington Park Sat 18th July

Post by GreySilver Beast » Mon Nov 25, 2019 10:33 pm


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We are going to Japfest Donington on Saturday 18th July 2020 :thumleft:

Japfest attracts over 20,000 visitors each year which is therefore one of the biggest car events of the year for Japanese Cars =D>

Club Tickets

All club ticket purchases include a FREE Japfest Donington Showguide (RRP £8) and a limited edition Japfest Donington Travel Mug (RRP £7).

Club tickets increase in price towards the event:
Early Bird Ticket Price £15.00 (valid until 31st December)
Phase 2 Ticket Price £17.50
Phase 3 Ticket Price £20.00

FREE entry for up to two children aged 14 and under when accompanied by a paying adult.
Additional children £5 each.

Adult Camping Ticket £15.00 per person, per night
Child (Aged 6+) Camping Ticket £15.00 per child, per night
Child (Aged 5 and under) Camp for free

All bookings are subject to a £2.00 booking fee.

Additional Show Add-on Tickets

Public Track Sessions are available HERE £30.00 per 20 minute session :thumright:

"Please Note: Upon completing your registration for Club Entry to the event, you will be required to complete all fields relating to the vehicles attending the shows. We will need the make, model, registration and year of registration. Please make sure you have this information before completing your booking, as you will be unable to register without this."

The Events Coordinator will PM you the Club Booking Code :thumleft:

Please post below if you would like to go to the Show :thumleft:

Club Booking Deadline: Monday 3rd July 2020

Club Entry: From 07:00am onwards :arrow:
"All cars must be in place before public opening at 10:00"

Donington Park
Castle Donington
DE74 2RP

  1. Committee
  2. Events Team
  3. TheJDMStereotype (Alex)(Michael)(R3) - Stand Pass/Ticket
  4. Willberry70 (Will)(RX-8) - Stand Pass/Ticket
Novice Track Session
SESSION A 09:00 (BRIEFING 8:00) (£30.00)
SESSION C 09:40 (BRIEFING 8:00) (£30.00)
SESSION G 11:00 (BRIEFING 10:00) (£30.00)
SESSION I 11:40 (BRIEFING 10:00) (£30.00)
SESSION O 13:40 (BRIEFING 12:00) (£30.00)
SESSION R 14:40 (BRIEFING 13:00) (£30.00)
SESSION U 15:40 (BRIEFING 14:00) (£30.00)
SESSION W 16:20 (BRIEFING 15:00) (£30.00)

Intermediate Track Session
SESSION B 09:20 (BRIEFING 8:00) (£30.00)
SESSION E 10:20 (BRIEFING 9:00) (£30.00)
SESSION H 11:20 (BRIEFING 10:00) (£30.00)
SESSION M 13:00 (BRIEFING 12:00) (£30.00)
SESSION Q 14:20 (BRIEFING 13:00) (£30.00)
SESSION S 15:00 (BRIEFING 14:00) (£30.00)
SESSION V 16:00 (BRIEFING 15:00) (£30.00)
SESSION X 16:40 (BRIEFING 15:00) (£30.00)

Advanced Track Session
SESSION F 10:40 (BRIEFING 09:00) (£30.00)
SESSION N 13:20 (BRIEFING 12:00) (£30.00)
SESSION T 15:20 (BRIEFING 14:00) (£30.00)

Passenger Rides

So if you would like to go to this Event then please post below and a member of the Events Team will place you on the list, but please also tell us how many will be in the car so as we can cater for you regarding Food & Drink etc.... :thumright:
GSB-TDU - Events Coordinator & Events Team Admin
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Re: Japfest 2020 at Donington Park Sat 18th July

Post by TheJDMStereotype » Wed Nov 27, 2019 3:57 pm

We would like to come again please :)
2 in the car Image

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Re: Japfest 2020 at Donington Park Sat 18th July

Post by AdamGaltress » Thu Nov 28, 2019 11:47 am

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Re: Japfest 2020 at Donington Park Sat 18th July

Post by willberry70 » Fri Nov 29, 2019 12:26 am

Yup I'm in 👍
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