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Events Notification for 2020

Posted: Fri Nov 01, 2019 7:06 pm
by GreySilver Beast
Disclaimer: This is a provisional list and subject to change. When the the Events Team or Club Member starts a specific Event topic this is the point everyone can be sure all is "go", subject to circumstances beyond our control of course :!:
We would hate anyone to start booking hotels on a non-refundable basis only to find we have to make a change or cancel, or the organisers change the date or cancel the Event all together #-o

The Event that has the word "THREAD" beside it has a Topic already :thumleft:

Please look at the following Events in the Events & Meetings Sections for 2020 :thumleft:
  • Events Section
  • Social Meets
  • Car Activity and Track days
  • Annual Meet & AGM and Car Activity Event - Saturday 29th Feb/Sunday 1st March THREAD
  • Welsh Weekend of Campin,Rampin and Wanklin - Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th May THREAD
  • JDM Castle Combe - Saturday 6th June - THREAD
  • Japfest Donington - Saturday 18th July - THREAD
  • Yakushi Show 2020, British Motor Museum @Gaydon - Sun 26th July THREAD
  • Beaulieu Simply Japanese Car Show - Sunday 26th July - THREAD

Events Team