Events Notification for 2020

Car shows and events that are run by other organisations (e.g. Japfest, Rotorstock, Japfest 2, Beaulieu, Trax, etc.), that Club members are interested in attending. The Club may need to organise a stand etc. (please contact the Events Coordinator or someone from the Events Team).
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Events Notification for 2020

Post by GreySilver Beast » Fri Nov 01, 2019 7:06 pm

Disclaimer: This is a provisional list and subject to change. When the the Events Team or Club Member starts a specific Event topic this is the point everyone can be sure all is "go", subject to circumstances beyond our control of course :!:
We would hate anyone to start booking hotels on a non-refundable basis only to find we have to make a change or cancel, or the organisers change the date or cancel the Event all together #-o

The Event that has the word "THREAD" beside it has a Topic already :thumleft:

Please look at the following Events in the Events & Meetings Sections for 2020 :thumleft:
  • Events Section
  • Social Meets
  • Car Activity and Track days
  • Annual Meet & AGM and Car Activity Event - Saturday 29th Feb/Sunday 1st March THREAD
  • Welsh Weekend of Campin,Rampin and Wanklin - Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th May THREAD
  • JDM Castle Combe - Saturday 6th June - THREAD
  • Japfest Donington - Saturday 18th July - THREAD
  • Yakushi Show 2020, British Motor Museum @Gaydon - Sun 26th July THREAD
  • Beaulieu Simply Japanese Car Show - Sunday 26th July - THREAD

Events Team
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