<<<TRACKDAY Brands Hatch - Friday 3rd December £149>>>

Explore the limits of the car and driver, and enjoy the car the way it was meant to be driven. Open pitlane track days, car control days and driver training. The car is the star!
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<<<TRACKDAY Brands Hatch - Friday 3rd December £149>>>

Post by GreySilver Beast » Sun Dec 06, 2020 1:52 am

This is a very popular event, hosted by the great team at Mazdaontrack, and always sells out months before the day. There is a limit on the number of cars to 60 maximum, which worked very well last year (2020)(with 20 Club Members taking their cars on track). This gave plenty of tracktime with minimal pit-lane queues. Book early to avoid disappointment :D


For those of you who haven't been to this event before, it has become a bit of a tradition really, although not quite on the scale or prestige of Wimbledon :D It has been a regular event in the club calendar since 2008. Harrizone and Casey have attended every December Brands Hatch day since then :D

If you've not been before, all newcomers are welcome - you might like to see last year's topic for more information JUST CLICK HERE

Plus, here's a briefing specifically about the Brands Hatch Indy circuit: viewtopic.php?f=169&t=61972

So, let's start the ball rolling

Track and event details for anyone new:
Length - 1.2 miles (Indy)
Corners - 5
Noise - 105db (compulsory stationary test)

- Sign On 07:30 - 08:30
- Briefing: 08:30am
- OPL from 09.00
- Lunch 12.30-13.30
- OPL 13.30
- Track Closes 16.00 (Day light permitting)

Book your place direct with Mazdaontrack via THIS LINK I suggest you DON'T book a garage as, when we know the numbers attending, we will arrange to get a block of garages together to share 3 per garage at ~£10 per head (pay cash on the day).

Newcomers to trackdays are very welcome; please be aware that the track can be a little cold, wet and greasy at this time of the year, so can be more challenging (and more fun) to drive :D Luckily, we've often been blessed with cool, but bright, sunny days, where most of the track dries out and warms up a bit by late morning.

We may be able to offer a "Buddy" to anyone who requests one. This means you will be assigned an experienced trackday driver who will stay with you from the very start of the day until you are happy to untie the knot. The Buddy can help you as much or as little as you want; help with checking your car, signing on, noise testing, getting to the briefing, passenger laps (you driving, and/or Buddy driving to show lines), etc. we always recommend people new to the track also book a "formal" tuition slot, 20 mins with a qualified instructor for £30. Great value for money if you are new to trackday driving.

If you are unfamiliar with Brands Hatch then this will help you visualise what it's like to drive;
(Click on the "gearwheel" and select 1080p to get the HD version of the video)

Names List inc possibles
  1. GSB-TDU (Nigel)(?) -
  2. casey (Malcolm)(RX-8) -
  3. Ian.M (Ian)(RX-8) -
  4. ChrisHolmes (Chris)(RX-8 SC + Trailer) - PAID -
  5. SeriousSam (Sam)(Soph)(Robyn)(RX-8) -
  6. Webbo85 (Simon)(Impreza) -
  7. Mpv2k3 (Marc)(RX-8 R3) -
  8. Studle (Stuart)(RX-8) -
  9. Harris-5310 (Michael)(370Z Nismo) -
  10. MightyCondor (Alan)(RX-8 PZ) -
  11. Nickp47 (Nick)(RX-8 R3) -
  12. rameshr (Ramesh)(RX-8) -
  13. nightfire10 (Steve)(Vicky)(RX-8 40th) -
  14. brad_wil (Brad)(RX-8) -
  15. Clint Wilson (Clint)(RX-8) -
  16. untakenname (Simon)(RX-8 Kuro) -
  17. TerryH (Terry)(Mark)(RX-8 40th) -
  18. qwakers (James)(Lorry&RX-8) -
  19. bc-49 (Bill)(RX-8) -
  20. George (Mini GP2) -
  21. Ranjan & Harrizone (Ray)(? & Soul) -
If you have booked a place and want to add your name then simply post up in this thread and I (or one of the Events Team) will keep this "first post" list updated. No need to "re-quote" this list - thanks.

Nearer the date we will ask if anyone wants to stay nearby for a meal to avoid leaving the area on a Friday rush -hour!
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