Spa Francorchamps 2019 trip

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Spa Francorchamps 2019 trip

Post by mrspiller » Sun Oct 06, 2019 11:39 am

We ( myself , Neil Parry , his son Tom and Grayham in his MX5 ) loaded the trailers with cars and vans with spare tyres , tools and headed across . It is one hell of a drag towing a trailer but well worth it in my opinion . Tom had been watching a bit of grand tour lately so issued us all with walkie talkies ( handheld 2 way radios ) when we left . That was the best idea ever , convoying three deep can be a bit difficult and lonely so they added a bit of much needed laughter throughout . Also very good when you take a de tour and get lost in the middle of Brussels lol .
So 13 hours later we arrived at our chalet , same as last year , self catering all good . Circuit days were out there for two days , our decision was to go to the circuit and watch the first day and drive the second . A damn good idea , it lashed it down pretty much all day on the first day
We arrived the following morning , forecast was dry all day . The circuit was wet from the rain over night but drying a bit . Sighting laps and first session out was on semi slicks , the circuit was too wet , the car had no grip , continuously losing either the front or the rear and quite slow speeds . So in for a change of daps , wets on , this took ages as I need to use wheels spacers with the wet wheels , and in the confusion put wrong spacers and wrong wheels on the front and back ......... so basically , a double change . Lucky Neil Tom and Grayham were all helping . It took that long to change them that when we got back out there was now a dry line appearing on some of the sunny parts of the circuit . So , I pushed on until I could hear the grumbling of the tyres , which was about 15 mins before lunch . Sun was shining circuit was dry , happy days . Semi slicks back on for the afternoon session . 5 minutes before lunch was over , boom , the heavens opened , a lot ,it hammered down . Change back to wets , which was a lot quicker this time around . And out we went , the car was running great on the wet tyres enabling is to lush quite a bit , the track was drying slightly on the second session but I left the wets on , the grumbling was back but I was having so much fun I left them on , going through the fast corners flat out hearing them pretty much falling apart so it was time for a change back .
By now the circuit was dry everywhere which is something I didn’t experience last year . The car was amazing through the corners , gaining so much time on the high powered cars but not having the va va voom on the straights , well the Kemal straight in particular . Driving flat out through EauRouge - radillon and blanchimont was a feeling I’ll never forget , the car just wouldn’t have it flat through double gouache but was only having to back down about 10 mph to line it up in end .
So to summarise , the afternoon was brilliant , I couldn’t have wished for any better .
One photo of each car on the day

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Re: Spa Francorchamps 2019 trip

Post by GreySilver Beast » Sun Oct 06, 2019 11:44 am

Will be there next year Wayne :thumleft:

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